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Republic of Venda

The Republic of Venda (Riphabuliki ya Venḓa) was a tribal homeland in the northern region of Republic of South Africa from 1973 until 1994.[1] The region was set aside for Venda-speaking people and granted nominal self-rule in September 1979. As a semi-independent state, Venda did not practice apartheid.

The first President of Venda, Patrick Mphephu, was also a chief of the Venda people. His successor, Frank Ravele, was overthrown in a military coup in 1990, after which the territory was ruled by the Council of National Unity. Venda was reincorporated into South Africa on 27 April 1994, becoming part of the Limpopo province.

The Venda National Force (VNF) was a combined security service formed in 1979, combining Defence, Police, Traffic Police, and Prisons services. Personnel were initially drawn from 112 Battalion of the SADF. The Security Service portion of the VNF included the Venda Defence Force, which comprised a small Mobile Unit and a Ceremonial Company with VIP protection task.[2] Approximate strength of the Security Service is estimated at about 900 personnel.

Venda Camouflage

  • Personnel of the VNF never wore camouflage uniforms, opting instead for a plain-colored nutria-type uniform similar to that of the SADF, with its own insignia.


  1. The African Homeland, or bantustan, was a territory specifically set aside for black Africans of a specific ethnic or tribal group during the apartheid era.
  2. H-R Heitman, South African War Machine (Bison Books, 1985) p. 118