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The International Camouflage Uniform Society (ICUS) is an association of collectors, researchers, curators, and historians with a mutual interest in the study of international military camouflage patterns and combat uniforms. Our Society was created in the year 2000 and maintains the largest database of research material on camouflage patterns and uniforms in the world, with a growing international membership from all continents. ICUS functions as a venue for research, a reference for collectors and historians, and an exchange network for purposes of trading, buying, and selling of uniforms and accoutrements. We neither represent nor promote political ideologies of any kind and express no sympathies for governmental regimes of any sort, past or present.

The primary purpose of the Society is to encourage knowledgeable individuals to exchange information about the history, development, usage, and identification of military combat uniforms and camouflage patterns dating from their earliest origins into the present era, and to disseminate this information to the greater international collecting community. By combining our members’ experience, knowledge, and resources the Society aims to build upon a documented identification system from which to engage in dialogue, catalogue our respective collections, and educate the world. As such, we strive primarily to recruit members with moderate to advanced collecting experience, as well as dedicated researchers, curators, authors, and other professionals, either with an extensive knowledge base or with an area of specialization that is complementary to the group. All individuals, however, no matter the length or scope of their knowledge and experience, are welcome and encouraged to take part in the discussions and contribute to the forum, provided our rules and a respectful attitude are observed.

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