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DPM is the abbreviation for Disruptive Pattern Material, a term the British Ministry of Defence coined for the range of camouflage patterns issued since the late 1960s. DPM is one of the most widely copied patterns in the world, with many countries having their own variations of the standard woodland and desert patterns, but colorways running from red and orange to blue and purple. Some version of DPM currently being used by numerous countries, including Bulgaria, Indonesia, Cambodia, New Zealand, Oman, the Philippines, Portugal, United Kingdom and Yemen (as well other countries). Many more have worn the pattern at one time or another, either due to their connection with the United Kingdom or simply because of the universal effectiveness of the pattern.

The "standard" DPM pattern was developed for temperate climates, and consists of black, brown, and bright green shapes on a khaki or tan background. There are literally dozens of variations, including some intended for tropical and some for desert climates. DPM remains in use with the British Army today, but will gradually be replaced by the the new MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern).

  • British DPM patterns: the original 1960 pattern DPM, 1968 pattern, 1985 pattern and S95 patterns:

Uk15.jpg Uk17.jpg Uk18.jpg Uk23.jpg

  • British desert patterns: 1st series, 2nd series, 3rd series.

Uk25.jpg Uk27.jpg Uk40.jpg

  • Canadian DPM

Canada2.jpg Canada3.jpg

  • Several DPM patterns worn by New Zealand since the early 1980s

Nz4.jpg Nz5.jpg Nz6.jpg Nz8.jpg

  • Dutch DPM


  • Various DPM variations worn by Oman.

Oman1.jpg Oman5.jpg Oman6.jpg Oman8.jpg

  • Indonesian DPM, issued since 1984.


  • Iranian DPM patterns.

Iran38.jpg Iran15.jpg

  • Iraqi DPM patterns.

Iraq20.jpg Iraq21.jpg Iraq22.jpg Iraq23.jpg Iraq24.jpg

  • Philippines DPM

Philippines24.jpg Philippines25.jpg Philippines26.jpg Philippines41.jpg Philippines42.jpg

  • Portuguese DPM


  • Bulgarian DPM, introduced around 2003

Bulgaria5.jpg Bulgaria6.jpg Bulgaria8.jpg

  • Recent DPM patterns worn by Yemen:

Yemen2.jpg Yemen4.jpg