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Kingdom of Bhutan

This small nation nestled in the Himalayan range of Southern Asia has roots in the ancient civilization of Lhomon. A Buddhist nation with close ties to Tibetan culture, Bhutan avoided European colonization although it was involved in several skirmishes with British Indian forces during the 18th and 19th centuries, culminating in the Duar War (1864-1865). Although a monarchy, the present state is governed by a National Assembly.

The Armed Forces of Bhutan have a strong relationship with that of neighboring India, which maintains and ongoing Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) to assist in the instruction of the Royal Bhutan Army and Royal Body Guards. Equipment and arms likewise are of mixed Indian and Chinese origins.

  • One common camouflage design worn by the Royal Bhutan Army is a woodland pattern, possibly of Chinese or Indian origin.


  • Another common pattern is the old Indian DPM or "palm frond" design. There seems to be no distinction between the two camouflage designs, and both appear to be worn by members of the same units.

India4.jpg India5.jpg

  • At least some units (possibly Royal Body Guards or members of the Bhutan Police) also wear a blue colorway of the Indian DPM pattern. This would obviously be of a more ceremonial purpose rather than for pragmatic reasons.